Rural city in the heart of the island nation of Nanaba. Home to the Bananarita Research Lab (BRL) run by Professor Palm as well as a decent downtown plaza with a music shop.

Bananarita Research Lab

  • Mascot: Chiquita the Tropius
  • Employees: Professor Palm | Justine the Lab Assistant | Maricela the other Lab Assistant
  • Significant Events:
    Q and Bryice receive their starter Pokemon from Maricela here
    Q and Briyce fight Chiquita the Tropius
    Briyce hugs the Tropius until it passes out
    Briyce determines that he and Q are best friends

Town of Bananarita

  • Significant Events
    Q and Briyce meet Carly-Leigh
    Justine gives maps to the travelers but said maps are stolen by a Mime Jr. (Clay’s)
    Mime Jr. is subdued in the music shop

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