Bull Shot Forest


A forest that connects Bananarita and the port city of Rossini.

The forest itself is used as a path for traveler’s who do not have access to a car or bicycle due to the accessibility of its nature trails.

There is an old Poke Shrine that can be found when straying off the official path as well as a larger clearing aside a pond.

Poke Shrine:

  • Tall grass obscures the outside hiding many Paras (see Ms. Hilton)
  • Shrine interior houses 3 Poke Statues that have been weathered over the ages and are indistinguishable
  • The interior is also home to Zubats due to dimness (Zee Gazoinksbo, Xuibey, and B’s Zubat)
  • Shrine seems to have been both a religious and martial site due to the discovery of Prayer Beads and a Black Belt

Pond Clearing

Bull Shot Forest

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