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The Adventures of Team Roq It!

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To defeat Team Soul and to build a villainous team upon its ashes. It is yet to be seen if this goal is actually obtainable due to the group’s overall ineptness.


The adventure began in the island nation of Nabana in the rural town of Bananarita. Eventually the group made their way through Bull Shot Forest towards the port city of Rossini.

After leaving Rossini, the party made their way to a New Continent which they have actually not asked the name of because they never bothered to. There they found themselves in a Seaside Soul Facility located on a cliff overlooking Seaside Town.

After leaving Seaside Town, the group found themselves lured to an Old Mansion and after some ghostly shenanigans, the group spent the night at a Big-Horned Mareep Ranch. The next day they journeyed to the next major city, Rich-Poor, before heading south to a Wetlands Science Center.

Concluding business, they then traveled further towards a Nature Reserve before heading back to the Wetlands Science Center and then again back to Rich-Poor. There they learned of another Team Soul Facility, the Forest Soul Facility, which they headed to before returning back to Rich-Poor for a third time.

Now they are on their way to Frost Town and what leads beyond.

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