Tag: Nabana


  • Bananarita

    h3. *1* Rural city in the heart of the island nation of Nanaba. Home to the Bananarita Research Lab (BRL) run by Professor Palm as well as a decent downtown plaza with a music shop. Bananarita Research Lab * Mascot: Chiquita the Tropius * Employees …

  • Team Soul

    A villainous team that once masqueraded as a Scientology-esque organization, but on the New Continent is basically blatantly bad news. Oddly, a lot of the members of Team Soul have some sort of New Jersey accent. Known Members and Associates: * …

  • Nabana

    Tropical island nation that is home to a large variety of tropical and Fairy type Pokemon.

  • Bull Shot Forest

    h3. *2* A forest that connects [[Bananarita | Bananarita]] and the port city of [[Rossini | Rossini]]. The forest itself is used as a path for traveler's who do not have access to a car or bicycle due to the accessibility of its nature trails. …